Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tim Green, Hedi & Italoboyz touring this Feb

Our fury techno friends at Finely Tuned Touring have done a whopping this month with three big artists coming through Sydney...I think they should just combine them and make it a Get Physical Label party but then I dont control the world (yet)

Lost Baggage Sydney's infamous themed techno parties takes on the duties of hosting Tim Green & relative new-comer Heidi who both has some pretty positive things to say about the parties, Tim Green comments "I’m excited about touring Australia with Finely Tuned …. I’ve heard glowing reports about the Lost Baggage parties through friends, so am looking forward to seeing it for myself and rocking the place :-) ", as well as Heidi mentions "I don't really like to put a label or a tag on how I play because I have to wait and see what the crowd is like......... All I can say is that I promise to make everyone that comes dance their little butts off!!!!!!!!".

Interesting comments but we will just have to see how they play I cant say I know much of Heidi's productions but from the few Ive heard there sound great. Whats got me really excited is the upcoming Italboyz gig! Known for their quirky sample infused tracks with Bahia and Viktor Cassanova all being hammered last year by the minimal elite this should be no doubt a massive gig and best of all I can get you guys! Yes my blog readers, all in for discounted! Have a listen to some of there live sets and you'll here there quirky techno style that some-how reminds me of Carl Cox....More details later on.

Lost Baggage - 14th Feburay
Kink ft. Italoboyz - 28th Febuary

Combine that with Future Music Festival and we contiune the Summer madness......

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