Thursday, March 19, 2009

fresh as Raresh

One part of the trio AR:PI:AR, Raresh arguably the most well known of the three as a DJ and touches down in Sydney this week to play a special solo set at KINK at nevermind this Saturday. Their actually playing in Melbourne during the day so its definitely a big day for the three of them!

Known for epic sets, rather than his productions as minimal stars often are, Raresh has being DJing in and out of Romania far before it became trendy for the media to report on them. His great technical skills as well as his extremely good ear for a great song combine to form some ridiculously funky minimal-techno sets that can be clearly seen in this live set of him at Fluid in Italy late last year.

Raresh is a true DJ with unique style that I can only describe as a raw Romanian touch..if that makes any sense. Whatever it is, it is his ability behind the decks that have seen him so comfortably play beside the artists he admires Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano to name a couple.

A definite flag barer of the Romanian scene, this set shows Raresh's style nicely but be warned you may not be able to stop tapping your foot.... @ Fluid, Italy (31.10.2008).mp3

Partial Track list
00- 6:30 - Kasper - Varyant
16:30 - 20:40 Mountanin people - mountain 006
26:00-31:00 Moloko - Sing it Back (reboot re-edit)
45:13 - 49:00 La pena#2 - Cheesecake
49:00 - 55:00 Je davu - Music Got Me Movin

And to give you a taste of songs that rock Raresh and Arpiar's sets, take a peek preview at one of Reboots infamous bootleg remixes that also featured in Arpiars mix for JJJ - Sing It Back (Reboot remix) preview.mp3
On the flip side is an awesome remix of Nina Simone's See Line Women but more on that later...

If you haven't already do check out some of Rhadoo's and Reboot's latest stuff on Beatport as there are some serious dancefloor bombs in there

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