Sunday, March 8, 2009

Space Cadets DJ sets from 5th March

Decked out with action hero's of the past hanging around the club (check pictures) Space Cadets was another banging night with a small but dedicated crowd of music lovers coming in throughout the night. Arguably the festivities of weekend ahead (Mardi Gras + the million other club nights on) took away a little from our past crowds but nevertheless we ended up finishing around 1am with a packed dance-floor!

Visual wise LayerOne again filled up the bunker with some far-out visuals that had the whole place turning in colour. There was also a preview clip of Stimming and Solomun 'Music video' I did with a couple of other mates but more on that later.. Darko had to canel at the last second but will be with us at a later Space Cadets!

Music wise it was another treat with Kit Phillips warming up the decks after only 3 hours notice! Kit played a little of everything from house to a little drum and bass setting the stage nicely for the relative new-comers, the duo JDub.

J Dub smashed out a great techno set. They clearly have a wide variety of musical tastes and this showed through the many forms of techno they played. A rolling techno set and one to get anyone in the mood for having a party! Also check out King James online radio show Music Is The Answer
Download link: 5th March Space Cadets.mp3

Jamie Tek jumped on after JDub to deliver some unreleased treats to a chilled out bunker. It was a kind of experimental set for me as I melded some track originals and remixes back to back that worked in some ways but then also lost intensity pretty quickly when not properly phrased....Anyway it was a whole heap of new minimal tracks from Reboot, Heinrichs & Hertenfellner and Loco Dice remixes.
Download Link: Tek 5th March Space Cadets.mp3

Element picked up the pace turning to his 'epic-prog' and big room techno style he is now some-what known for. Some new tracks from DNox and Beckers as well as some 'new' classics like Joris Voorn Dark Flower Remix. Solid techno & prog set for all you prog-heads out there!
Download Link:

Nic Scali took on the late-shift duties with a seriously good set of tech-house,techno and minimal tracks that were quirky, a little ambient at times but always enough dance-floor edge to keep the packed dance-floor moving. We finished up at 1am but could easily gone to 2! Oh Well, next time!

Pictures from Space Cadets 5thMarch

Next Space Cadets is 26th of March from 8pm-2am, Bunker Bar Beneath The Bourbon!


  1. downloading your set now to see what i missed!

    lol, the action figures hanging from the roof are awesome.

  2. yeah thanks man...I reckon we will make it a permanent feature! haha