Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mark your dairy

Great Stuff come down under next month for a label night! Woot! Anyone that follows my blog will probably know I'm all for label parties over one off appearances...(I ranted on before about how Stimming coming down under should join up with Solomon for a Dinamic Label night...maybe another time)

So its only fiiting that 3 of the biggest artists head down-under for a Great Stuff party that I can only assume will be full of 'great stuff.'! (Had to be done)

Martin Eyerer is my favourite out of all of those, while Tom Craft and Luztenkirchen (3 tage wach anyone?) do have some great 'stuff' Im not really into the the whole electro-techno/electro-tech sound that often comes out of this Munich label. You could say its a bit of love hate thing, every second or so release I ignore while every other I would happily/do buy.

First time I saw Martin Eyer was just south of Munich at the Shinning Festival. He was playing a sunrise set at 6am in an old 'town-hall' over looking a lake and surrounded by the Alps....let me tell you, it was awesome! Pumping proper techno and minimal all perfectly blended together I still vidily remeber not being able to leave the dance floor. It actually quite a far-cry from all his latest tracks up on beatport right now.

Anyway heres his latest mix he did for Great Stuff and it also features much loved bondi man Deepchilds lastest track Muppet Grind;
Great Stuff (2009 - 02-25) - Martin Eyerer - Great Stuff Mix
01 Nima Gorji - Shingaling [Mur Mur]
02 Tiefschwarz - Yeah [Souvenir]
03 Deep Child - Muppet Grind (Jamie Stevens Rmx) [Beef]
04 Shlomi Aber - Black Title [Be As One]
05 Marco Carola - Bloody Cash [Plus 8]
06 Martin Eyerer - Cave Canem (Daniele Papini Rmx) [Kling Klong]
07 Simon Flower - Late Night [Pokerflat]
08 Unknown -
09 Markus Schatz - Good Vibe [Highgrade]
10 Tania Vulcano & Tato - Wayna [Isgud]

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