Thursday, October 30, 2008

Steresonic 5th best festival in the world for November!

Interestingly according to Resident Advisor in their article on the best festivals in the world for November our very own Stereosonic festival gets billed in at number 5 with Global Gathering Australia at 4th position! It probably not far off either considering one half of the world has gone into winter!
My pick for both? Well Carl cox at the Arthouse here in Sydney as part of the stereosonic festival will be my highlight, dying to see this guy for as long as I can remeber! and to see him in a initmate club gig? in the awesomeness of the Arthouse?...:o
And for Global Gathering? Yeah I would go with Kraftwerk and Sasha! Whats thats Sydney side show?...hmmm

link here

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