Monday, October 6, 2008

nevermind - The new Sydney club

Everyone was loving Murat Kilic set! He really pushed the envolope with some of the songs he played..hopefully it was recorded?

The LED screen gives the DJ Stage another dimension, not only for the a VJ but all in terms of relating visuals to music

From Kink Relaunch @ Nevermind

Put simply, wow! Nevermind is the awesome new club designed by Sydney Promoter Scott Robertson who became known Australia wide for his insane Saturday night parties at The Arthouse, namely KINK! Nevermind is somewhere you can spend hours, no, maybe days! Despite the fact that place is only a small boutique night club. If you haven't checked it out yet or dont no what I'm talking about its Sydney's newest addition to its night life and its a kicker!

Think the best DJs in Sydney playing some of the best new electronic music, namely minimal, techno, house and tech-house on the best sound-system in Australia. This coupled with a Vodka bar (where I had some of the best tasting cocktails Ive had in a while!), seats overlooking the dance floor where you can still talk and clearly hear the music, a smoking terrace which overlooks Oxford street in all its glory and of course a dance floor in front of a massive LED screen for the VJs to 'trip us out on' and world famous Fuktion One sound-system! = epicccccc!

Friday night was good even though it was little thin on numbers, it ended up being like an industry night with quite a few DJs and promoters popping in to check the place out from what I gather. Kink the relaunch party was gold! The club was not full but still pumping. The cool thing was the vibe, everyone there was just enjoying the great music being pumped out by Murat Kilic, having a dance and chilling around. In many ways it was great to be there on its opening weekend before the rest of Sydney gets in on the action! Next weekend its big having Deepchild playing a live set in promotion of his new album departure!

Update Jan 2010: As of early 2010 Nevermind will be running specific one off side-shows, recently hosting a special extended set by Danny Tenaglia, which was a very special night indeed. The club has yet to fully 'find-its-feet' however normal trading nights Friday and Saturday will be booked mostly 'gay-nights' however anyone can go. Updates as I get them or check the weekly gig-guide.


  1. Wouldn't it be awesome if Nevermind actually had a WEBSITE? In 2010? Is that too much to ask???

  2. currently there is no website for nevermind. Unfortunate I know however if you go see it in person Im sure it wont disappoint!