Saturday, October 11, 2008

Heads up! cool gigs 2nite!

Yo my trendy blog readers OK 2nite we have
  • SAMMUL L. SESSION @ The Cave (Chinese Laundry) - not too sure if i'll be able to make this one but YOU SHOULD!
  • Mark Callandar @ KINK, nevermind - Local love and fostering is the beginings of a good scene that is able to compete with international couterparts...this is exactly what nevermind does.. anyway for those of you who need some Funktion 1 love and want to hear how Melbourne Tech-house sounds then def come along...remeber mention JAMES to the doors girls for discounted entry
  • MDX @ the bunker - I believe its an extended set in an intiamte surroundings of the bunker - think latest tracks from this Australian heavyweight plus expect unrealesed tracks from his Berlin friends (I would bleieve!)

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