Thursday, October 16, 2008

Excerpts from Sasha Interview with Skruff

When talking to skruff Sasha revleaved some interesting points on what makes him so special and how his 'journey style' of DJing actually involves a lot of planning:

“It involves a hell of a lot of planning, actually,” he says. “That’s the whole thing with the digital side of music too. The preparation that goes into sourcing the music, going through it all, getting it all warped and ready into the computer and organising it, you have to do all that and more before a gig. Then all that preparation allows you to be spontaneous when you go into the club.”

Sasha also comments on that fact that 1 hour festival sets are, well pointless when it comes to his DJing style! Lets hope Global Gathering Organisers dont make this fatal flaw!

“Though of course, the whole journey thing depends very much on where you’re playing. If it’s a festival and you’ve only got an hour to play there’s no point, but if you have two or three hours than you can work with that. Of course it’s important; that’s what I’ve built my name on. That’s what most DJs try to achieve; to take people somewhere for those two or three hours, rather than just playing mindless record after record, after record.”

Now there has being talk of Sasha doing a side-show in Sydney but will it happen!? Future have said that he is exclusive to Global Gathering however only a month back he has being nipped up by a Canbera festival (of all places) so maybe he isnt?

I'll keep you blogsters posted on this one as there are rumors floating around of a side-show in Sydney....

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