Sunday, October 12, 2008

Aftermath rantings from W/E + New International for Lucaino concert

Deepchild playing live @ nevermind....twas well epic! Loving the midi controller anyone know what brand it is?

The weekend was a hektik one, my ears were exposed to some great new tunes all weekend. Deepchild = awesome cant wait to listen to his new album + Mark Callander = funky, like seriously nice grooves from one of Australia's best would love to see more of him in Syd...

Videos of the night will be uploaded soonish + did an awesome interview of Deepchild after the gig!!Another film crew on the night also filmed it (barstards!) so expect it to be in an upcoming edition of InTheMix TV but dont worry, you'll see it here first ;)

ALSO! interesting stuff I hear another new International has being announced for the Lucanio concert happening this December, offically:

GREG WILSON (20:20) - 4 hour Set

Born and raised across the river Mersey from Liverpool, England, Greg Wilson is one of the key figures responsible for the development of the early 80's Electro-Funk scene in clubs across the north of England before its spread throughout the country. Borrowing from formative experiences at an early age in England and Continental Europe, Wilson introduced British club audiences to the revolutionary Dance music sounds coming out of New York City.

Both reviled by traditionalists and praised by those hungry for something new, Greg Wilson helped shepherd the evolution of Black Dance music in the UK from the Soul and Funk sounds that dominated the 70's to the emergence of House and Hip Hop in the late 80's. He retired from DJing at an early age in 1984, but has returned to DJ work in recent years and received the hero's welcome befitting his role in the history of Dance music.


TIX: - First Release – SOLD OUT
Second Release – NOT MANY LEFT


  1. Holy Fuck, thats an Ohm controller, used to run the VJ program Livid

    I didn't know Deepchild is doing visuals too now!

  2. haha really? I'll do a post on it but I didnt think he was doing the visuals becuase they did have a VJ there during the night..

    maybe he was (the were really good) or mabey it was midi mapped for live

  3. Yep, got confirmation now - Rick's just using it for Ableton atm cos it's a freaking strong controller for on the road. And MoRpH was on VJ duties that night!