Sunday, October 19, 2008

Deepchild interview + Syd loves funktion one videos

Deepchild live @ nevermind (Part I)

Couple weekends back Deepchild played an awesome live set @ nevermind as part of his Departure album tour around Australia.

I caught up with him on the balcony of nevermind to ask him a few questions about his tour, hows the album response going and his thoughts on the aussie left-field techno/strange music scene right now...check it!

So some interesting points from the interview; the fact that Deepchild aka Rick Bull found that his Sydney gig at nevermind was the best so far! Which anyone who was there wouldn't find surprising, there was great vibe and energy and the club was packed (as Rick mentions in the interview even after his set).

I also asked him on his current thoughts of the scene right now and I found Ricks response a little...pessimistic? From what I've experienced the music scene here in Sydney is amazing and bizarre and has being growing and maturing in many different ways but I think Rick's response was based on as he puts it "strange electronic music" which in Australia is hard to make a living on but I think this applies to any alternate genre of the arts in any location in the world really! haha

In my mind Deepchild represents a tipping point in that all of sudden you don't have to be playing big room electro to still get noticed on a relatively large scale and without the help of one of the main stream media channels promoting you either. His popularity right now is a testament to his great Djing and music making abilities but in my mind he also represents a movement of people, in Australia, rejecting the mainstream sounds and figures that can be often spoon-fed to us, and embracing something a little different and deeper...

Also here's a video at the end of his set, its also a great promo for the awesome funktion one sound system to which really plays a big part in why this club is so good!

Luckily Deepchild ain't leaving our shores too soon either so expect to see more intimate gigs of him around Sydney! Woot!

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